Funeral Memorial Service: 3 Ideas For Display Photographs

As a general rule a funeral memorial service will have photographs of the deceased on display as a way to honor their memory. Images tend to offer those in attendance an opportunity to reflect upon their spirit and life while also serving as symbols of respect. To help pay proper tribute to your loved one at a funeral memorial service, here are a few unique ways in which you can display photographs of the dearly departed.


Thanks to modern technology you can easily create one of the most heartfelt tributes to your recently deceased loved one. Ask your family members and other loved ones to send you their favorite photos, which you can then scan and use to compile a beautiful slideshow that will depict the special memory of the dearly departed. These pictures can be anything from baby photos from silly pictures, and when put together in a slideshow, it will allow everyone to reminisce and mourn the death of your loved one. Consider adding some quotes and music to the slideshow for extra effects.

Photo-Engraved Casket or Urn

Both metal and wood caskets and urns are able to custom-engraved with special designs and messages. In addition, they can feature a special photo of your deceased loved one. There have been many advances in engraving technology, which have allowed professionals to recreate some of the most stunning detailed images on a variety of surfaces. Therefore, you may want to consult with the funeral director about custom engraving services so that you can make sure that a beautiful image of your dearly departed is left behind.

Painted Portrait

A very unique way to display your deceased loved one's image at a funeral memorial service is to have an experienced artist paint a portrait of him or her. In doing so, the artist should be able to portray your loved one's individual emotion and spirit into the painting, truly honoring his or her memory. Multiple prints of the piece can be made so that family members and friends can receive a copy of it after the funeral memorial service and enjoy it for many years.

If you are looking for a unique and creative way to honor your loved one's memory at a funeral memorial service, the aforementioned are just a few ways to do so with his or her picture. If you would like to learn more, contact a local funeral home.

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