Should Your Pre-Arrange Your Funeral? Important Reasons To Help You Decide

The subject of death and dying is uncomfortable for many families to discuss. However, since death is unavoidable, the inability to discuss it openly can have unpleasant repercussions when it occurs and family members are left to plan the funeral arrangements without having a clear idea of their deceased loved one's wishes. 

If you are part of a family where death is an uncomfortable subject, you may be pondering the possibility of pre-arranging your own funeral and the important reasons listed below can help you understand why it is important to do so. 

Pre-arrangement can alleviate financial burdens on surviving family members

One of the most common problems for families after the death of a loved one involves finding the money to pay for unexpected funeral expenses. In many cases, families who do not have the personal wealth to cover funeral costs must ask for help through crowdfunding or requests for contributions, memorial gifts, and donations. This can lead to awkward situations at an already uncomfortable time in life. 

By opting to pre-arrange your own funeral, you can also choose to take out a burial insurance policy, pre-pay for the costs, or make other financial arrangements to prevent placing any type of financial burden on your surviving family members at the time of your passing. 

Pre-arrangement can ensure that specific wishes are honored

Another very important reason to consider pre-arranging your own funeral is to ensure that your specific wishes are both known and honored. Perhaps you have strong feelings about the details of your final arrangements, such as burial versus cremation or whether you want a traditional casket or a more eco-friendly model. When no pre-arrangement instructions are left to guide family members, your specific wishes may never be known or honored.

Pre-arrangement can reduce stress on grieving family members 

Perhaps the most important benefit of pre-arranging your own funeral is that it will help to alleviate some of the emotional stress your loved ones will feel after your death. Instead of having to make uncomfortable choices during a very difficult time, your surviving family members will be able to spend the days between your passing and the funeral service comforting each other and dealing with their feelings of loss.  

If you would like to learn more about the funeral pre-arrangement process and all the benefits it can hold for you and your family, consider taking the time to meet with a funeral home like Arehart-Echols Funeral Home in your area. They can provide the expert guidance you need in a comfortable, private setting. 

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