Seaside Cremation Scattering Services: Common FAQs For Preplanners

The idea of scattering your remains to drift and become part of the largest and most mysterious parts of the planet is enchanting. Therefore, naturally, many people choose that they want their cremated remains sent out to sea when they pass on. If you have decided that you do want to be cremated and you want your ashes scattered into the deep blue of the sea, you should know that there are cremation funeral services that also offer seaside scattering. Take a look at some of the most common questions people tend to have about seaside scattering services offered by a funeral home or cremation funeral service

What exactly is a seaside scattering service?

Seaside scattering service is offered specifically by funeral homes and crematoriums that are located in shoreside locations. These companies own a boat that they use to transport loved ones and the cremated remains out into the ocean to a preferred area where the remains will be scattered. Most of the time, the process can include a brief service much like a graveside service when someone is buried traditionally. All funeral homes that offer this service can have a different list of service options, so it is a good idea to do plenty of research to find out which place offers exactly what you want. 

Do seaside scattering services allow multiple family members to attend?

In most cases, the funeral homes that offer seaside cremains scattering will have a large-enough boat that several people can go along for the service. It may not be large enough for an entire group of funeral attendees, but most of these service providers make sure the water vessel has enough space for the closest friends and family members so no one has to be left out that really feels they should be present. 

Can you still have a funeral when you opt for a seaside scattering service? 

You can still have a funeral if you have chosen a seaside scattering after your cremation. In most cases, people have a funeral held at the funeral home with the traditional showing and the casket. After the service, you would be cremated and then the seaside service would take place on a different date. If you do not want a traditional showing, you can also opt for a traditional memorial service at the funeral service after the cremation, which would allow the scattering ceremony to be held immediately after. 

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