Tips For Choosing The Right Urn For A Deceased Loved One

In this day and age, many people make the decision in life to be cremated after they pass away instead of being buried. If you have a loved one who has recently died and made it known that he or she wanted to be cremated after death, you may want to purchase an urn to hold his or her ashes. In most cases, if you purchase an urn and give it to the crematory, they will transfer the cremains into it for you and return everything to you in a timely manner. Shopping for an urn for a recently departed loved one can be hard while you're grieving your loss, but most people want to make sure that they choose the right urn for their loved one's cremains. Use the following tips to help you select the perfect urn:

Consider Size

When shopping for an urn, it is important to choose the correct size to ensure that the cremains will fit inside. If your deceased loved one is an adult and you plan to keep all of the cremains in one urn, you will need to purchase a large urn. However, some families opt to divide the cremains between multiple family members so everyone can have a piece of their loved one; if this is something that your family is interested in, you may need to purchase two or more medium sized urns or several small urns. If you have questions about what size urn to buy, you may want to speak with the funeral director who you are working with.

Select the Material

People who are not familiar with buying an urn are often surprised by how many different types of materials there are to choose from. You can opt for a wood urn, a copper urn, a brass urn, or even a sterling silver or marble urn. If you want to see urns in person before you make your selection, funeral homes that offer cremation usually have them on display. When trying to decide what type of material to select, think about where you will be placing the urn, and pick one that will complement the area in your home.

Think About Your Loved One

There are so many different styles of urns available, and many people find it comforting to purchase an urn that reminds them of their loved one. Many types of urns can have artwork engraved on them, or you can have a favorite quote or poem of your loved one's etched onto the urn. Personalizing an urn to reflect the deceased is comforting for many people. 

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