3 Ways Cremation Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Have you considered whether you would like to get cremated or buried when you expire? Perhaps you are concerned about the environment and take action to protect it by doing things such as recycling and reusing. Some individuals do not realize that opting for cremation is a wonderful option to protect the environment. Cremations are also usually cheaper than traditional burials too. This makes them an attractive option for individuals who have a desire to reduce financial burdens on their families when they pass away.

The following points will help you understand how cremation can ensure that at the time of your death you will have peace of mind that you chose the "green" option.

Reduce Pollution Risks

Cremation will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Traditional burials involve a lot of potential pollution hazards. The chemicals that are used to prepare the body such as the embalming fluid can cause environmental issues. Caskets and other materials used for burials can seep into the earth and cause changes in soil and groundwater. 

Unnecessary Use of Harmful Chemicals

Opting for cremation means that when your body gets prepared for transitioning, no harmful chemicals such as embalming fluid and formaldehyde will be necessary. The only exception to this would be if you want your family to view your body in a casket before the cremation. Keep in mind that you can have a memorial service with your cremated remain presented in an urn. This option is a more environmentally friendly option because no chemical preparation is required. 

Protects Land

Cemeteries require land. In some areas, land expansion is required due to the cemeteries running out of land space. Cremation eliminates the need to use land, which is a valuable resource. It also protects wildlife habitats that may get forced out when land is cleared. Predatory animals may wander off into residential areas and wreak havoc. Other types of wildlife may die due to not being fit to live outside of their natural habitat. 

A cremation ​services provider is an excellent resource to use to ensure that that the details of your cremation plans are clear. They can also answer questions that you have about cremation and your final plans. Perhaps cremation is something that is unfamiliar to you and your family. The professionals can explain to you how to educate your family members. They can also consult with them to further explain your decision and offer you support regarding your decision.

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