What To Expect After The Funeral Service

If you think that you'll be planning a funeral for a loved one very soon, you may be wondering what to expect. The funeral itself offers a chance for family, friends, and acquaintances to gather together and share their favorite stories, honor your loved one, and be there for you through a difficult time. But after the funeral service, there are still things to do. Keep reading to better understand what to expect after the funeral service.

Get Copies of the Death Certificate

After your loved ones pass away, you'll need to have copies of the death certificate on hand. This will be used to prove that your loved one has, in fact, died. Handling certain affairs like taxes, insurance settlements, and transferring property will require that you have a death certificate available. You can order copies of the death certificate through the funeral home that you used. 


After someone dies, certain paperwork needs to be completed. Plan to keep a notepad available to make notes of tasks that need to be done and paperwork that still needs to be completed. This paperwork will help you take steps to settle your loved one's estate and to close certain accounts. Working on a few items a day is a good way to spread out the work so that it's not overwhelming but it still gets done in a timely manner.

Cancel Utilities and Transfer Mail

If your loved one was living alone and no one will still be living in the home, you'll also need to take steps to cancel the utilities and other services in their name. Make a list of the services that they used or subscribed to and start contacting each company. You should also make sure that their mail begins to get transferred to a trusted loved one. They will still likely continue to receive mail for some time after their death. You'll need copies of death certificates for these kinds of tasks.

Take Time to Grieve

After a funeral service and after taking care of after-death affairs, it can feel overwhelming and stressful. You need to take time to allow yourself to fully grieve the loss of your family member. If you do struggle with the grieving process, look for resources in your community. There are support groups and programs that can help you. It can also be beneficial to speak with a counselor.

There is work that goes into the funeral planning process and into handling after-death affairs for a loved one. If you need help with planning a funeral or have any questions about the funeral planning process, reach out to a funeral home in your area such as Damar  Kaminski Funeral Home & Crematorium.

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