Non-Religious Funeral Service Options

If a loved one has recently passed away, then you may be in charge of arranging the funeral services. These arrangements are typically religiously centered. However, what happens when your loved one has no religious affiliation and does not want religion as part of their funeral? Keep reading to learn about some types of funeral services that can be arranged that do not center around religion.

Secular Funeral

Secular or humanist is the term used to describe a funeral service that does not involve religion. And, most funeral homes will offer secular funeral services. They are very similar to religious funerals, but the religious portions of the service are removed. For example, religious readings during the ceremony are often replaced with readings of poems or short stories. Also, in addition to the traditional eulogy, guests may be asked to share their favorite stories of the deceased.

The funeral service may also include a speech or eulogy by a respected member of the community instead of a priest or clergyperson. A moment of silence, music, slide presentations, and even video recordings of the deceased can be included. 

Typically, the secular funeral is centered around a "celebration of life" theme and your funeral director can give your ideas on how to best honor your loved one. This may include accepting donations to your loved one's favorite charity or releasing butterflies outdoors. 

In addition to giving your ideas, the funeral director can help with the format of the funeral to create a ceremony that is well thought out and organized so guests know what to expect during the funeral.

Green Funeral

If your loved one enjoyed nature or was environmentally friendly, then a green funeral is a good option. This funeral ceremony will typically take place entirely outdoors. If your loved one wanted to be buried, then a ceremony within 24 to 48 hours can be arranged. This way, embalming will not be necessary. Included with this funeral service, you will choose a cardboard, wicker, or shroud type of casket. And, the funeral home will be able to provide you with a previously approved location for natural burial or a traditional plot can be used.

In addition to the environmentally friendly casket, the funeral director can speak with you about biodegradable flower pots as well as the use of recycled flowers. Wildflower collection and presentation on the burial site can be arranged with the funeral director too. 

If you want to know more about your options when it comes to non-religious funeral services, speak with a funeral director at Shepherd Funeral Home.

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