Select The Monument For Your Deceased Loved One

Selecting a monument that will honor your loved one who passed away might be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Of course, how much you can spend will help to determine the monument you select. Fortunately, there are many styles in different price ranges from which you can make your selection. 

A Bench Style Monument

One idea is to select a memorial park bench. Even if the bench is made of plastic, it can have the look of beautiful natural wood. A bench is virtually maintenance free and will last for a very long time. You can custom order the design you want on the top part of the bench. For instance, the name of your loved one would be on the top, with the birth date and death date under the name. There can also be enough space for you to select special wording that will honor your loved one. 

A Planter Style Monument

Another good choice would be to order a monument that is in the form of a granite planter. The planter could hold fresh flowers, a plant in soil, or faux flowers. Custom order the planter style monument with a picture of your loved one, their name, their birth date and death date, and a message like, ​Beloved By All, as part of the design. Because the planter is made of granite, it will last for many years.

A Bronze Marker

Perhaps you want something very simple and classic for your loved one's monument. If so, a small bronze marker would be ideal. Even though there probably won't be enough space for a photograph, there will be enough space for your loved one's name, birth date, death date, and a message to honor your loved one..

A Large Monument

Maybe you are planning ahead with the knowledge that there will be a second person buried next to your loved one. With that in mind, think of buying an extra large rectangular granite monument that has enough space for two pictures, two names, pertinent dates and a message that says something like, Joined Together For Eternity. 

When you place your order for the monument you select, remember that it might take several weeks for it to be delivered, because it will be a custom order. Also, pay close attention to spelling and other details as you fill out forms. A typo or incorrect date can be difficult to correct.

For more information about choosing monuments to honor your loved ones, talk to your local funeral home.

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