Upgrade Your Grandparent's Final Resting Spot

If your grandparent passed away when you were a child, you probably had no say in what type of marker or headstone was used to mark their final resting spot. Although your elders may have had good intentions to provide your loved one with an honorary display, there are many variables that may have come into play that have encouraged you to upgrade the gravesite.

The Initial Investment

Many people have high hopes of providing their loved ones with a proper burial, but a lack of funds could limit the size or the material that is used to display a deceased person's name. Maybe the person who was responsible for planning your grandparent's funeral and burial chose a product that was within their price range and that they believed would be durable, or perhaps, the initial plan was to provide a marker and to eventually upgrade it to a headstone setup at a later date.

The Selection Process

If you have very few living family members and this upgrade is going to be left up to you, exploring various headstone and marker materials may help you pick a custom setup. Visit an independent headstone and marker supplier and request to view products that are hardy and that will fit into your budget. If the original marker has faded or if the headstone material has chipped, choosing a bronze plaque that is secured to a granite headstone will provide a symbolic display that will hold up to the weather.

Granite is a strong material that will maintain its appearance for an indefinite amount of time. A bronze plaque that has engraving added to it will complement the grey, black, white, or pink granite variety that you select. Some manufacturers of headstones can customize the headstone color so that it is a darker or a lighter hue than the granite variety that you initially choose.

You aren't restricted to choosing a name, birth date, and death date as the main details that will be inscribed across the plaque's surface. Think of what your grandparent meant to you and others or what they were passionate about and use a personal description or anecdote to embellish the plaque.

A Flower Or A Flag Holder

If you have observed wilted flowers scattered on top of various headstones in the cemetery and have been hesitant about adorning your grandparent's resting spot in the same manner, a flower or a flag holder are some accessories that will make it possible for you to neatly display a bouquet of flowers or a flag.

A holder will contain a basin, which can be filled with fresh water so that any flowers that you use for the upgrade will last for a couple of weeks. If your grandparent was a war veteran or if he or she was patriotic, a flag holder will allow you to display a variety of symbolic flags throughout each year.

Talk to a funeral home to learn more about cemetery headstones

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