Primary Reasons To Buy A Plot In A Cemetery That Is Owned By The State

Any number of entities can open and make available plots in cemeteries. Many large cemeteries are owned by churches, funeral homes, and organizations like veterans' associations. However, it is possible to find a cemetery that is owned by your city, county, or state. Consider the following reasons for buying a plot and being laid to rest in a state cemetery.

Free Plots for Veterans

Many municipally and state-owned cemeteries make available free grave plots for veterans or active-duty military members. A grave plot on its own can cost several hundred dollars. However, people who serve or have served in the military can typically find a free plot in a cemetery that is owned by the state.

These plots are often located in the cemetery's military or veterans' section and are denoted by the presence of flagpoles and statues of presidents or famous generals. It is also common for a state cemetery to make available a free or low-cost plot for the spouse of a military veteran or active duty member so they can be buried together.

To qualify for one of these plots, the cemetery may require proof of the plot owner's DD-214, showing their military service. This document can be provided if the plot's owner is pre-planning their funeral or by the family after the veteran or active duty member has passed away.

Continuous Upkeep

Another reason to consider being laid to rest in a state-owned cemetery involves knowing that the state cemetery will be kept up and maintained well. Private cemeteries are sometimes allowed to become overgrown or fall into disrepair because the owners lack staff or money to hire professional landscapers. These cemeteries often look unappealing to the public.

However, a state cemetery is typically kept landscaped and cleaned. The state uses designated funds to maintain the landscaping and also to keep grave markers free from dirt, mold, and other debris.

These are a few reasons that may convince you to buy a plot in a state-owned cemetery. A state cemetery might make available free plots for people who have served or are serving in the military. People can show proof like a DD-214 to show that they are active-duty military members or veterans to qualify for one of these plots. Likewise, a state cemetery typically is well-kept. You can buy a plot in a clean and well-maintained cemetery.

For more information about state-owned cemetery plots, contact a local cemetery or funeral home.

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