Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing From Headstones

When you make your final arrangements, you must consider what you want your resting place to look like. Along with choosing where to be buried, you also need to think about the appearance and size of your grave's marker. When you want yours to be entirely unique, you can shop for custom engraved grave markers. These are some factors to look for when you look for headstones for your final resting place.

Engraving and Designs

One of the foremost factors to keep in mind when you look for custom engraved grave markers involves the designs or engravings you might want to include on it. You may want your full name and date of birth and death to be engraved on your headstone. However, you also may want to include details like your military rank if you a veteran.

You also may want to include engravings that denote your hobbies or passions in life. You can include a picture of yourself that can be embedded in the stone of your marker. These are some designs that are commonly available to people who want to use custom engraved grave markers for their headstones.


Another factor to keep in mind when you shop for headstones involves how large that you want yours to be. The size of your stone can be restricted by the cemetery in which you choose to be buried. The contract for being buried there may limit you to a marker size, such as one that is less than two feet high and no wider than two to three feet. 

Likewise, the cemetery that you are being buried in may restrict you from having a flat-lying marker. You need to find out what restrictions the cemetery requires of people who are buried there. You can use these restrictions to design a headstone and choose from custom engraved grave markers for your final resting place.

Finally, you can look for custom engraved grave markers that fit in your budget. Headstones can range significantly in price. In general, the more designs that you include with your marker, the higher the price for it will be.

These are some factors to consider as you look at options for custom engraved grave markers. You can choose from headstones that fit the requirements of the cemetery. You can also choose the designs and wording to include on the stone for your grave. Contact a headstone service for more information.

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