Make Pre-Arrangement Plans For A Relative's Funeral Service

Making funeral plans while a loved one is living will relieve a huge emotional burden associated with making choices that may not have been what the individual would have preferred. Review different funeral packages or opt for something entirely different, such as a memorial society membership, which can counteract costs. Whatever you choose, know that making funeral pre-arrangements can make a difficult time a little easier.

The Setting, Burial And Cremation Options

Your relative may prefer a traditional funeral service that is held in their place of worship or in a funeral parlor, or they may want something more private or non-conventional, such as a small ceremony that is held on their property.

The manner in which the deceased body is brought to the funeral home and the viewing process, which may include a closed or an open casket or a cremation urn that symbolizes the deceased, are some details that will influence the cost of a service and the amount of planning that will need to be conducted.

You and your relative can meet with a funeral director and the owner of a business that sells memorial products, to learn about the services and items that can be used to personalize a funeral. Some basic ideas of where a funeral will be held and whether or not the individual would like to be buried or cremated will help you and your loved one outline a plan that supports the key details.

The Service Details

A service will likely include a seating area, a speaker who will conduct the service, decorations, and music. There can be food and beverages offered at the end of a service or the inclusion of guests in a prayer or an ash scattering ceremony.

In addition to transporting and preparing the body for viewing or cremation, a burial plot or an outdoor area where ashes will be scattered will need to be decided upon. A funeral director will supply a list of fees that each pertain to a service. To reduce the amount of money that it will cost to conduct a service, seek membership through a memorial society.

A memorial society contains members of a community who act as volunteers during the preliminary steps or during and after a funeral. For a low membership rate, you and your loved one will receive support.

You will be supplied with free or inexpensive planning and execution options, which may include a volunteer transporting the body or acquiring an inexpensive casket or urn. This support can be incredibly helpful during an unexpected death where you are required to handle many physical and financial responsibilities.

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