3 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Cemetery Monument

Choosing a monument to honor a deceased loved one is an important part of the burial process. Sometimes families do not immediately get a monument. However, it is possible to get a monument, headstone, or grave marker at any point. It might seem difficult to plan for getting a monument on a gravesite. However, the process is straightforward, and there are professionals who can help along the way. The following points offer a few tips to keep in mind when planning to buy a monument.


It's important to know how much will be spent on the monument. This can help narrow the choices, which is helpful because there are limitless options. However, some options might be out of the available budget. Some families make plans to buy more than one monument to cherish family members who never got one on their graves. It is helpful to know the total amount that will be spent on the project. If several are buried side by side in a family plot, one large monument with all of their names and grave markers on each grave is an idea to keep in mind.

Cemetery Rules

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. If the cemetery has rules about monuments, they must be followed. The last thing anyone should want to do is buy a monument that they cannot use. It is also wise to contact the cemetery after a selection has been made to be sure that it fits within their guidelines. Some cemeteries have rules about the size of monuments. Others have rules about the accepted materials that the monuments can be made of.


Although this should be the most fun and endearing part of the process, many individuals get stuck when it's time to choose a design. This may be complicated more when it is time to choose the wording for the monument. At a bare minimum, the name of the deceased and their birth and death dates need to be on the monument. A photo can also be added. Some families choose to get an etched photo of their loved ones on the design. It is also possible to get poems, scriptures, quotes, or an epitaph with the design. It's a good idea to walk around a cemetery for ideas. 

A funeral home director can be used as a resource to learn more about monuments. They may be able to provide samples or photos of different designs and offer suggestions about the wording that goes on them.

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