Grieving From A Distance: 3 Services Funeral Homes Offer That Can Help

Losing a loved one can be difficult no matter what the circumstances. However, the grieving process can often be made even more difficult when families and friends are not able to come together in order to pay their final respects. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for everyone to attend a loved one's funeral in person. In some cases, individuals may not be able to attend for health reasons, while others may not be able to travel if they live out of town. Thankfully no matter what the reason, funeral homes can often help individuals to grieve from a distance. Continue reading to learn more about three of the ways in which funeral homes are able to accomplish this goal.

#1: Live Streaming Services

Funeral homes were forced to think outside of the box during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when individuals were not allowed to gather in large groups even for the purpose of saying goodbye to a loved one. While this was a very troubling time around the world, it did give birth to a rather exciting service that is now being offered by many funeral homes. This service is a live streaming service that allows individuals to view a loved one's funeral service from virtually anywhere that they can access an internet connection. This streaming service is a great way of including out-of-town relatives in the funeral service. 

#2: Interactive Video Services

Simply bearing witness to a loved one's funeral service is not enough for some people. For some people, the ability to participate in this service and to interact with other guests is vital. For these individuals, many funeral homes have begun offering interactive video services. These services work in a manner that is similar to those services that allow you to place video calls from your cell phone. Rather than simply watching the funeral, these video services allow individuals to talk to the other guests who are attending the service so that they can share in the grieving process. 

#3: Online Guestbook 

One of the things that makes funeral services such a healing experience for many people is that they are able to get together with other people who are currently grieving and share important memories and stories about the deceased. Online guestbooks are another way in which people can do this even if they are not able to attend the funeral in person. This is because online guestbooks provide a secure place for people to express their condolences and to share any memories that they may have. Many funeral homes will maintain these online guest books for an extended period of time after the funeral service so that family members and friends have ample time to access them. 

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